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Chapter Background

The Gamma Kappa Chapter was established on October 23rd, 1949.

In spring of 1995, a brother by the name of Jay D. Farner considered joining an organization.  His father, David Farner, encouraged him to reactivate the Gamma Kappa Chapter.

Since 1995, the Gamma Kappa chapter has received multiple awards

However, the chapter became inactive in 1979.

On May 12th 1995, the Gamma Kappa chapter became active with Jay Farner being president.

Professional Events


Delta Sigma Pi strives to cultivate professionally driven students with the experience and qualifications necessary to impact their desired field of work. We equip our members with the resources, relevant exposure, and values to find success in the workforce. 


Our role as Vice Presidents of Professional Events in the Gamma Kappa chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is to organize opportunities to further the professional standard we hold. 


By offering networking opportunities, company presentations, business-focused trips, and professional image workshops, we give rise to excellently seasoned students of commerce. 


- Udai Singh & Riley Yearwood, VP’s of Professional Events

Community Service

DSP volunteering.jpg

The Gamma Kappa chapter here at Delta Sigma Pi takes great pride in the role of community service. With community service being one of our four foundational pillars, the Gamma Kappa chapter of Delta Sigma Pi actively strives to give back to the underprivileged all around the fraternity, whether within the East Lansing community, or around the nation. The act of volunteering gives a specific perspective and fulfillment in life that cannot be achieved elsewhere. True acts of community service are done altruistically and with the benefit of others in mind. It is important for our brothers to have experiences with community service while in the fraternity so that volunteering remains important through the rest of their adult lives. Our brothers participate in a wide range of community service events in their time as active members, this past semester we have worked with the Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan, Helping Women Period, the Stronger Warrior Foundation, the American Red Cross, the Greater Lansing Food Bank, and many more organizations to aide in assisting the community in any way possible.
- Caroline Bueche, VP of Community Servic


Social Events

7 2.jpg

Joining Delta Sigma Pi is not just about professional development; it's about becoming part of a vibrant community that values strong relationships and unforgettable experiences. 

Our fraternity is more than just a group; we are a family of brothers who support each other through both academic challenges and weekend adventures. Picture Mondays filled with productive study sessions alongside your brothers, and Fridays that transform into unforgettable nights of fun. 

Whether we're spending weekends up north or dressing up for a night on a riverboat, every moment becomes a cherished memory. Beyond the weekends, you'll find brothers in your classes or joining our various intramural sports teams, turning the day-to-day college life into an exciting and fulfilling experience. 


At a large university like Michigan State, Delta Sigma Pi provides not just a group of friends but a home that makes the campus feel like family.

Fan Favorite Events Include: Ski Weekend, Hayride, Tailgates, Formals, Pledge Initiation and Big/Little Reveal.

-Lexi Romesburg & Johannah Cummings, VP of Social Events


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