Chapter Background

The Gamma Kappa Chapter was established on October 23rd, 1949.

In spring of 1995, a brother by the name of Jay D. Farner considered joining an organization.  His father, David Farner, encouraged him to reactivate the Gamma Kappa Chapter.

Since 1995, the Gamma Kappa chapter has received multiple awards

However, the chapter became inactive in 1979.

On May 12th 1995, the Gamma Kappa chapter became active with Jay Farner being president.

Professional Events


The fraternity’s foremost purpose is to foster the study of business within our members. We do this by not only connecting members with companies and their recruiters, but also by putting time and effort into the personal and professional development of each member.


Being a brother of Delta Sigma Pi, you will have access to professional development workshops, brother mentorship programs, semester trips, company visits, and more. By offering various opportunities to grow personally and professionally, brothers are more able to enhance their networks, thus leading to a greater readiness to enter their post-graduate careers. When you join the fraternity, that network becomes yours.

                  - Thomas Hutchinson & Andy Park, VP of Professional Events

Community Service

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The Gamma Kappa chapter here at Delta Sigma Pi takes a serious pride in the role of community service. In the 2019 school year, we were able to carry out numerous service events for organizations around the Greater Lansing Area. An event that we look forward to taking part in every year includes the Helping Hands program at The Ronald McDonald House in Lansing. During this event, we are able to work together in a hands-on environment, to help clean and organize homes that support parents with ill children in the local hospital. Looking into the new year, Delta Sigma Pi is excited to continuously help those at the Ronald McDonald House. In 2020, we are excited to collaborate with other organizations including The Salvation Army, The Greater Lansing Food Bank, and others in order to help aid those within our community and those surrounding. 


- Brooke Wood, VP of Community Servic



Social Events


The brothers of Delta Sigma Pi are able to balance work and play perfectly to achieve the college experience they’ve always dreamed of.  We pride ourselves not only on our professional achievements, but also our ability to establish life-long relationships amongst brothers through our social events. A number of these social events have turned into yearly traditions that brothers continually look forward to, while new events are added each year.  Each social event gives our brothers the chance to unwind with friends after a long and focused school week. The wide variety of events we host ensure that there will be an event for every brother!


Favorite Events Include: Ski Weekend, Hayride, Semi-formal, Formal, Pledge Initiation and Big/Little Reveal

-Fiona Brueckman & Jamie Shubitowski, VP of Social Events

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