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National History

Delta Sigma Pi was founded in 1907 at New York University: School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance. Today, coast to coast, more than 250 chapters and nearly 260,000 members support the goals and ideals of the Fraternity.
The year of 1908 was notable for the establishment of many aspects of the Fraternity which are still in existence today. While the Constitution and Ritual had already been approved, there was still no badge or "pin" as it was called at that time. In addition, the Fraternity still lacked a name. The name of the organization had a high priority and the four founders agreed upon the three words that best expressed the meaning of their Fraternity and had a friend of Moysello translate them into Greek with the resulting designation: Delta Sigma Pi. On April 2, 1908, the name Delta Sigma Pi was adopted by the membership and the bylaws were also approved at this meeting. The design of the badge was approved shortly thereafter.
In these early years, the Founders and their fellow Brothers realized significant progress and set the foundation for an organization that has touched the lives of over 175,000 students of business. In the late 1970's, Delta Sigma Pi expanded to include women, becoming a co-ed fraternity. At the Grand Chapter Congress in August 2001, the first female Grand President, Kathleen Jahnke, was elected.

Chapter History

The Gamma Kappa Chapter at Michigan State University was established on October 23, 1949. It later became inactive in 1979.

In the spring of 1995, a brother by the name of Jay D. Farner considered joining an organization. His father, David Farner, encouraged him to reactivate the Gamma Kappa Chapter. The Gamma Kappa Chapter was reactivated on May 12, 1995 with Jay D. Farner becoming President.
Chapter Demographics

Michigan Chapters

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